Basic styling of text and image. So basic I am reddening!


The brain is tired and I lost the plot

I am unable to sort out the text and image in this page which appears in two different forms depending if you look at it as a pop up or as a full page and then “Look inside” for Ramada Resort -Benoa

or as a full page

My priblem is with the image also. basic things that for some reason cannot get my head round them, tonight!


After a few little cganges the text loks ok in the full page but not in the popup. Why? It’s the same page! And I can´t see why the img-container does noy keep the image responsive

format your post please

Let me see If I can explain it better.

In the page my problem is the large image between the text. Then, if you press “Back to hotels” in the left sidebar and then in the new page click on the “Look inside” of the Ramada Benoa (the very same page) why is the text different if it is the same html and css. It is the same page!

(Thanks for fixing your post :thumbsup:)

I’m not seeing any difference. Am I looking at the wrong area?

initial view

second view


The image should not stretch all the way to the margins

I just saw in the css

.img-container img{



Now, the problem is that the stylesheet controls 100 pages and I’m not sure which is the best way to go, whether to apply a max-width here or start a new div altogether

OK! I think I sorted out the image. I’ll have to see if it affected other pages.

But still can’t understand the difference in the text between the page when it is full, and when only a part of it shows as a popup,

I’m referring to the margins right and left

Maybe this is due to the popup code that makes the central column wider than it actually is.

<a class="popup look-inside" data-dimensions="700,650" href="MeliaBenoa.html">Look inside</a>

I think I got it!



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