Basic SEO Refresher - Update

Ok, ready to start a brand new site for this year, have been out of the loop for a bit working at another job… but I am ready to attack my motherload and hopefully, my retirement project. I just want to see if my understanding of the priorities in SEO are correct, because I know some rules have changed in the last several months, so any help would be appreciated:

The site is for promo items of all kinds, and I want this to be THE site… so this is my list:

  1. Web site content - Value, volume, organization, and updated as often as possible
  2. Keywords/phrases - apply the ol’ supply/demand principle right
  3. If possible, get high PR sites to link to you legally
  4. Article/unique content back linking (is it true this is getting less and less powerful as a component?)
  5. Other possible white backlinking tools (any suggestions/sites?)

Am I missing anything or wrongly ordered this list?

main things to promote site keywords,unique content, daily update,backlinks

Site promotion these days is a prominent part of a business to develop. You are on the right track … just keep the content updated and use the keywords appropriately. It will surely helps in keeping your site in a good position. :slight_smile:

Just make sure that the site should be SEO friendly… If your site is SEO friendly then you are not far away from the top position of the SERP. See you need to develop the website that meat the standard of Google, On page seo is very much important that will cover the code validation, Url optimization, content optimization, Meta tag section, Webmaster verification code, Tracking code etc…after then that you can move further to promote the website online. Off page will help you create the backlinks for the website and for the visibility of eh website. Hire a professional SEO company and get the best result… Let the millions of people to lead your business.

All the very best

Three of your five points are concerned with backlinks and that is the way to go. I disagree with toparank that you need to hire an SEO company as you already said that you were just looking for a refresher i.e. you already have experience. I don’t know about articles, it’s not something I’ve ever really done much of.

Its not about to hire SEO company…It just about work professionally to get the right result and in the proper way. Right SEO strategy can help you to climb the SER position soon and to promote the business with the right technique. Google is giving updates every day. It’s very important to keep the hand of the Google to move on the right way and Not to fumbling in the dark…Article marketing is one of the best way to get the backlinks and for the visibility of the website.

Considering that the OP asked for a refresher of what has changed in recent months, none of the points mentioned in this post are new and the one about the Meta Keywords tag is seriously outdated (at least in terms of Google).

I agree – this thread is going nowhere and isn’t answering the OP’s question at all.

Thread closed.