Basic PHP script needed

I am looking for a basic PHP script that will allow me to:

  1. Fill up a form with information like Title, Name, Content, Image.

  2. Get that to display in brief on a page with maximum 10 such posts.

  3. Get it to display in full on a new page when clicked on ‘read more’.

The kind of form filling system you see on a classifieds website but not exactly a classifieds website as there will be only one login for the admin.
I realise it may not be that simple afterall because I am learning to do it myself. I have gotten to a point where I have some kind of an understanding of how it works
but it will still take me a bit of time. I don’t really the time though so I was wondering if there was any place I could find a ready made php script to be doing this.

I have seen people that use WYSIWYG editors implement those very simple form filling systems which baffles me. If you cannot manage basic html/css how are you creating your custom CMS no matter how basic it may be?

phpacademy on youtube has a tutorial on creating a contact form.
Might help you.