[Basic] Move a content, from database, to a php file

Hi guys, i have a content in one of phpmyadmin field


the content is like this, its have two lines :


usually its called from a php file, using a variable, like this

$xxx = explode("\\r\
", $text);

now i want to put the content, directly in the php file. This is working, to only put one line

$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1");

But how is the right way to write both line? please help guys, i already tried these but no one works

$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1", "text2");
$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1, text2");

$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1");
$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text2");

$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1" AND "text2");
$xxx = explode("\\r\
", "text1" . "text2");

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Not sure why you want to move this from the db to inside a php file, but essentially when you query the db it returns either nothing or an array of results. Another way to put this inside a php file is to:

$xxx = array('text1', 'text2');
foreach($xxx as $value){
   echo "\\r\
" . $value;


If I understood you right, it should just be:

   echo $text;