(basic) Help find redirect rule for this using htaccess

it is very simple actually, i just want redirect all pages from old username url to new username url

please help what is the right htaccess rule for this Guys

i want to redirect old url


to new url


so example old url is


to new url


Ok, well your question isn’t entirely clear so first we need to clarify what you’re looking for.

Do you mean you want the url folder2/michael.html to be relocated (behind the scenes) so that it is turned into folder1/?do=view&username=michael?

Or do you mean that you want all requests to folder1/?do=view&username=michael to be physically relocated to folder2/michael.html (so that the user sees the change in the browser)?

Either way, what is stopping you Googling how to do this? Have you tried to do this on your own yet? Whilst this is a forum for helping others, it certainly isn’t one for doing your work/research.

You will want to use mod_rewrite with a rewrite rule for the redirection.

Here is some useful documentation for RewriteRule