Basic div structure instead of table grid

learning how to code table-like grid structures with modern techniques
how would i align these elements together using divs? floats?

i appreciate any help you can offer albeit obvious for you guys!

You can use table-like behavior if you do display:table/table-cell in place of the HTML version :slight_smile: . That’s good to use and that’s how I’d do this.

how would the code look? display:table in the css and table tag in html?

Nope. Perhaps use a <div> instead.

Display:table replicates <table>. Display:table-cell replicates <td>

So make a “table” just with divs instead (or whatever element structure makes sense for you). This preserves semantics.

Just FYI - you don’t need to explicitly declare display:table-row on an element if you don’t want to / you don’t need multiple rows. The browser will generate a table-row element for you. Saves you HTML.

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