Basic Ajax Question


Not sure this is the right place to be posting this as you’ll see by my question. If so, I apologize.

I was hired to rewrite some php and mysql code to get a system up and operational by the end of the day today. Last minute thing that I’m close to completing except for one issue that I’m hung up on.

I know very little about Ajax and Java Script. I understand the basics of both and that’s about it. The JS files are very difficult to even follow in the environment I’m working in. I have what I believe to be Ajax scripts. Am I right that these would be .php extension files and the code would be contained within the <?php ?> tags. It’s doing something interactively with the JS and I’m trying to follow the code to tie in two new element to it and want a good understanding of what’s going on before I dive in.

I’d post specific code, but am not sure of the confidentiality agreement conflicts it may pose. I’ve done a couple of quick searches to find answers to what the code is trying to do, but haven’t been able to find a good source for a basic Ajax glossary I guess you’d call it. If anyone has a good online reference site they could recommend, I’d greatly appreciate that.

Also, more specifically, could anyone tell me what

elseif($agreestoterms === False)

represents? Does or does not = false? I can see the code going either way as I’m not too familiar with this section of it yet.

I guess I’m getting a good crash course in Ajax. I just wish it wasn’t on such a tight time constraint.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Is it using jQuery?

Yes, it is running JQuery.

Again, confidentiality issues, I don’t want to give out the names of the files, but it looks like there are two JQuery files. I google’d their names and it looks like they are the core files for JQuery that the Ajax files are running off of.

One of the files was named something with “custom” in the title, which got me a little nervous as it’s kind of long and tough to follow. The google search brought it up as a download to run JQ.

That conditional will be invoked if the PHP variable $agreestoterms equals false. The AJAX call will usually hit an endpoint on the server and provide some data for the calling, rendered, HTML page to use.

This is a very large subject matter, maybe it would help if you narrowed the scope of your question.