Barebones MySQL Display for Inventory

Hey all. I had a quick question, as I am on a strict deadline and may not have time to implement this feature from the ground up. I have a mySQL database holding information about different inventory units (auto business) and be able to display a unit page when one is clicked with extra information. I basically want a bare bones script that can display, search, and paginate results from this inventory with a simple stylesheet I could edit to conform to my site. I feel like I would be reinventing the wheel here if I tried to do this from the ground up, and I may not even have enough time to do so. Is there an already existing script out there that could do this for me? Thanks.

e.g. Something similar to CodeCharge (although way less “bloated”), and not even necessarily a desktop code generation program. I can edit the source accordingly.

Have you tried using phpMyAdmin for this?