Banners/Advertising and phpBB

I’m looking for a good way to intergrate either banners or text links into my phpBB 2 forum. Can anyone provide samples of sites that have integrated advertising space into phpBB and expand on how it is done?

Shouldn’t be too difficult, depending on how you want the ads place. I just put a banner on top of the site I’m developing, Coin Talk numismatic discussion forum. Fairly simple. I’m using phpadsnew to control the rotation, on that site and some others I’m working on as well.

Care to elaborate? What code do I need to edit?

the best place would be to add it in the header alongside your logo

Yes, exactly it. We just edited the header file to rearrange the menu and make room for the banner, and insert our logo. Takes a minimal knowledge of php/html.


This hack may also aide you.


That hack sounds like it fits the bill Ifroggy, not sure whether I have the ability to install it myself though. Can you show me an example of a site using it?

As a matter of fact…

Limited time only. And that is a straight out of the box, not much effort look. With a slight bit of effort, it could look kind of like SitePoint’s system. I actually requested it at my site and the request was fulfilled by one of my team members, who did a solid job.

Thanks Patrick, thats what I’m looking for.

thanks for the replies folks u rock