Bannerconnect Fraud

$350 = 3 hours of lawyers time? where do you get a lawyer for so cheap?

ahmm! aren’t we bit getting out of point in here

tke71709: its 301 dollars to be exact. If you believe you’re right in all regards and you are owed the money you say you’re owed then you should have no problems filing your interrogatories/admissions (which might be a few more dollars). If you are’nt familiar with court proceeding for the love of … hire a lawyer. Frankly, it isnt brain surgery.

As for deastbrook, if it was in the newspaper and they were publicly traded companies perhaps I wouldnt have a problem. But imagine Microsoft throws out a commercial with Bill Gates in a flaming red hot leotard telling the world Motorola has failed to pay them x amount of dollars for their mobile os software. Now, would that be okay with you?

Well some good news for all BC followers - I received my very first payment from them last night. It was nothing more than a whopping $50 though, since it was for March, where I used them for two days.

They were at least on time though (actually faster than their net 45 policy), even thought he payment was small.

That is the filing fee, that has nothing to do with actually getting a lawyer to draft up the paperwork. If you’re suing for $40k it wouldn’t be wise to draft that stuff yourself.

Not to mention that they will probably have to sue them in their country of origin if they want to see a penny of their money.

Anyway, this thread is getting off topic.

Hi BannerConnect has ripped me off too, of over $40,000 in the past. I would like to offer any attorney 70% of what they owe me to collect. From what I understand they routinely engage in fraud, theft, and unscrupulous business behavior and have developed a terrible reputation in the industry. Regardless of when you or anyone was victimized please respond here for a possible class action lawsuit or if you are an attorney who would like to take this case.