Banner graphics for affiliate site sizes?


I have a designer producing some graphic banners for my affiliates site, is there some set sizes they should be? im just looking for standard banners, is there a standard size? what should I tell him?


standard size:


Aaaa thanks for that, I do not mean to sound stupid) but like size 468*60 what does this mean>?

image width = 468 pixels
image height= 60 pixels

I would maybe add to kenmore’s list:

120x600 (standard skyscraper)
125x125 (small square)

I thought the banner size 120*600 used to be a standard size but not anymore

mmm… Don’t agree.
I see banners with these sizes very often.

160x600 is definitely more widely used these days, but I’ve seen plenty of sites still using 120x600 as it was the standard up until recently.
The standard may have changed, but people don’t change site designs so quickly - I was thinking that it is better to offer affiliates as wide a variety of size choices as possible.