Banned By Akismet

I appear to now be banned by Akismet

I don’t spam, I probably post relevant comments to about 10 blogs a day, most are my niche so I look at the stuff. It’s happened in the last week or so, I don’t scrape links e.t.c

I think it is probably 1 or 2 sites that immediately banned me for using a keyword as my name. So I am screwed on that front.

It is my domain that is banned


Would creating a 301 redirect to from another domain be the same as linking to my domain when I comment?

Thanks in advance…


Can I setup my own wordpress blog and unbann my domain so it passes it to Aksimet

If you post comments to get back links to your site, then you are spamming. You obviously pissed off too many bloggers with your link dropping and now asikmet have banned you.
Commenting to get back links is no better than being a parasite and abusing other peoples web properties. As you use your keyword as your username, then you got what you deserved.

I don’t know why people take the high road here so much.

I use the Key Word ‘Wedding Photographer’ which I am a wedding photographer and I only comment and contribute to the blog.

Blog commenting is a part of SEO, thousands do it, some spam, some don’t.

If you consider me a spammer, then please be a bit more helpful and tell me how to get links from blogs the correct way. Are you telling me you’ve never commented on a blog for SEO purposes???

Obviously some of the bloggers whose posts you are commenting on consider your comments as not being helpful and not contributing to the discussion …otherwise why did you get banned?

Are you telling me you’ve never commented on a blog for SEO purposes???
I have never done it. If you really want to be a part of the discussion and contribute why do you need to be a parasite and link drop to your site? I comment on blogs regularly. I contribute regularly to blog comments and never leave a link. I don’t need to abuse other peoples web properties to get links to my sites. I prefer to spend my time on link building that actually makes a difference.

I regularly ban parasites who comment on my blogs.

As I I said. Congratulations to you for living in a very perfect world

GOOGLE expect us to follow the rules. I do, but I sneak in a few minor rule breakers.

How can a company expect us to follow the rules, when it itself cheats it’s way to the top

What has it got to do with Google? This is about you spamming blogs and getting banned by Askimet.

Just out of interest, what makes you think you’ve been banned? You don’t seem entirely certain that’s the case.

You’re right i’ve lost this argument. Yes I drop some of my links in various places for SEO purposes, who doesn’t oooh I forgot you :wink: 90% of my links are from people who link to me but to boost things I drop links here and there but in no way a spammer in the ultimate way a spammer spams and someone has staken a hard line on that. As I mentioned i might comment on 5 things a day if that, I am not scfraping 1000’s of blogs and where I do comment it i MAINLY my niche and relevant .

I am not going to apologise for what I do or congratulate what you do. The world of SEO is competetive and we are all just trying to get ahead. No matter what I say or you say, we all have our own opinions of what is right and wrong.

This is why I mentioned google practices. They pass down the rules but ignore these themselves. So how can they expect any person doing SEO On their own site to follow the rules to the letter.

Here is the problem, you used keywords as your username. For me that is an instant ban right there.
Use your name, and actual name even if it is just an internet name, “Wedding Photographer” is a title not a name.

I have never posted a blog comment for SEO purposes. Sorry if that makes me come across as holier-than-thou, I just think it’s the wrong thing to do.

And your defensive, “well they cheat so why can’t I?” approach makes it pretty clear why you got zapped by Akismet. Just because you don’t consider what you do as spamming, or you think others are cheating so you don’t see why you can’t cheat without consequence yourself, doesn’t mean anything. Akismet is a software program. Your domain got banned because it considered your actions on that domain in violation of its preset protocols. Stop violating protocols and you won’t have the problem any longer. There are hundreds of thousands of Web-based freelancers and businesses out there who are successfully competing without resorting to sketchy SEO techniques.

Like I say man…You do what you do, I;ll do what I do. I drop a few links for SEO purposes here and there, big deal. I am not scraping 1000’s of blogs posting useless comments to get links. I engage in most of them.

I am comfortalbe with my SEO techniques. They are generally white hat and within the rules.

I think my point about google is a very valid one. They expect you not to spam, cheat the system but they break their own rules.As I say, i drop links here and there but generally am white hat seo but why should i even follow those the rules laid down by GOOGLE if they pick and choose those websites to penalise, which are generally the little people.

I am not saying it makes it okay, I am just saying. I am not committing murder and trying to justify it, so I think a lot of people on this site should get of their high horses and relax a little. Maybe I am one of those people where rules are made to be broken.

I’ll repeat it again. 95% OF My SEO is white hat and I am very comfortable with the 5% that isnt to get a little ahead in the game. I will stand by that.

Personally I think it’s ridiculous that google even counts blog comments as links and that blogs allow web links to be included…What does that have to do with a comment on a subject. If it’ss a valid comment and they have something to generally offer links should be allowed in the text itself. I see more and more blogs removing this option in the future to curb spam. I know if I want valid comments on mine I will not be enabling links.

I’m glad you’re happy with what you’re doing. Obviously Akismet has a different take on your methodologies.

Cheers and happy holidays.

I am :wink:

It’s the price you pay and I personally believe it was just one or two blog owners who were not happy even tho I probably dropped about 5 comments between the two. A zero tolerance approach. Ce la vie…

Have a great XMAS