Ban The Person Above You

Basically you have to ban whoever is above you.

E.g you could say i ban (username) because they have a weird avatar.

I can’t ban anybody so someone has to ban me.

okay, your banned :smashy: for having a weird avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

you are banned for having so many posts:p

too many reasons why you should be banned


I ban you because you had such a good memory and you remembered about that thread… and yes, I can ban you muahahahahaha :smiley:

I ban you for not checking your facts :smiley:

haha I banned you first so you can’t ban me :stuck_out_tongue:

I ban you for creating a paradox :smiley:

I ban you for talking about the paradox :D:D

I ban you for banning an advisor … although he banned me… twice!! :smiley:

Thrice :smashy:


I ban you for being so cheeky and banning me thrice :stuck_out_tongue:

I ban you for banning him

I ban above person for having only 3 posts in 1 month