Bad tooltip - developer error!

I keep seeing this around the web on various forms, something to do with a WP plugin?

Perhaps the person who wrote the plugin should make it more obvious that the default text needs changing!

It seems like the developers who use ithe plugin either are not doing enough error checking or reading the instructions :grimacing:

Of course there could be a problem with the plugin itself.

Maybe someone should. But I haven’t seen it. Can’t confirm if it is a WP plugin. I assume that if many developers do have the same error, it is possible that the plugin is not well documented (if documented at all)

Yes, some don’t recognize what a place-holder is and what they should do. Poor UX?

How often have you seen enter link description here here?

Too often! I mean seriously, it isn’t that hard to just paste a link or update the text it auto-highlights for you.

Though, Discourse did just alter the Link Dialog, but our next update, at this moment, doesn’t include those changes.

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The site I first noticed it on was the Mazda UK site. There were also other problems on the same form:
Password: must contain upper or lower case letters - in fact after a couple attempts at setting a password I found it HAD to have both upper and lower case letters and nothing else.
Post code: normally I just input it in lower case letters and the code sorts it out. But again after two attempts I found it had to be exact - upper case letters and a space between the two parts.

On another site ( major UK bank ) I tried to send an email using the form and the first attempt told me I could not use certain characters; I can not remember what others were but one was | I was not using any of the illegal characters so I first removed the : but again the error. I then removed the ; but still had the error and in the end I had to take out every bit of the punctuation except the full stops!

Those are some major sites. You would think that they would do proper testing beforfe getting things out on the web

Yes you would thinks so.

If it isn’t your site why care that it is broken.

Thank you very much for your usefull input @oddz

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