Bad idea to get a domain name where the dot com is taken already?

Is it a bad idea to get a domain name where the dot com version is taken already?
For example, is taken, but is available.
I look forward to feedback

I would say it depends very much upon what the .com domain is being used for (if anything). and are being used by two different companies running very different businesses. I imagine anybody looking for one who accidentally ends up at the other will realise they’re in the wrong place and try again. (I did. )

If the existing domain is in the same niche, or is very well-known, then youu might want to think about choosing something different to avoid confusion.

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It depends. I really don’t think the domain name is that important as long as it is relatively simple. Also don’t be shy to venture to .net or something else. Plenty of wildly successful websites don’t rely on .com.

Thanks for your replies.

Well, as an example, I’m interested in creating a video web site(similar to youTube), and I have a name in mind, but I’ll use an example, for instance, I’ll use the word ‘horrible’ in place of the one I’m looking to get. So, upon researching it seems that is taken, and that site does data anaylsis, so, not really a direct competitor, but the site shows that the word ‘horrible’ has registered trademark symbol (maybe regarding some data analysis proceedure?), so, if I get “”, as my domain name is there a conflict because of the trademark? Also, is an ecommerce cart & seo marketing site. Not really competition. is taken, but not being used (yet). And forwards to which is a video site, similar to youTube.

So, do you think getting for a web site would be a bad idea?

I own and I don’t believe it has hurt me any. The reason I say this is the person with the .com one is doing nothing with it. I started my site 2 years ago and I watched his traffic at the same time. Mine has increased as my content went up but his has been steady. So that tells me that he hasn’t received many mistake .com instead of .net

But I do make sure to make .net part of my logo so that helps… plus if you put up great content then people are clicking more on the page title. Make sure you tell them to bookmark you a lot

When starting a legitimate business I would suggest to buy your domain with all the major endings (.com / .net / .org etc’) in order to block future problems.

That’s a rather different question from the one you started this topic with. I’d recommend you look into the trademark issue carefully and find out the exact situation before proceeding. You don’t want to launch your site and then find yourself in a legal battle.

In search ranking it’s doesn’t heart, but if you take common business or service name domain with another extension ( .in or .net ) then it might be heart on your traffic and you can see this effects. you need to clear about your site in title and description so confusion about your site will be going down.

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