Backup and Restore .mdf file utility

I am looking for Backup and Restore . mdf file utility. Is there any opensource application/code available?

If you want an SQL dump you could use Database Publishing Wizard (SqlPubWiz.exe).

Where will i find this.
I am using SQLSERVER2008

Actually i want to make backup of .mdf file and restore it if user wants from a specified location.

Are you trying to do this with code or just directly in sql server?

I am looking for external utility,
For Backup
Copy/backup .mdf file from a predefined location and paste at some other locoation

For Restore:
Copy .mdf file from a given location and paste it to predefined location.

Have a look at

I am looking for opensource / free

google list a buck of links:

this look interresting…

I am also looking for restore database option. but hnx for the suggestion.

I have already googled

Just use SQL Server’s built-in backup routines called via T-SQL. You don’t need any utility–you can even just execute scripts via SQL CMD.

You should copy both the .ldf and .mdf files to the new location. Before you do, detach the source database before copying; ditto for the destination database. You need the ldf files for the transaction history. When you are done, reattach both databases, source and destination. You can also backup (.bak) and restore to another location. You do not need third party tools for this.

Note that there may be some issues of you try this between versions 200 and 2008 :slight_smile: