Backup a Facebook group?

Backup of a users personal Facebook page is easy, but I cannot see how one can backup a Facebook group. There is a need to backup a Facebook group for offline viewing by moderators, etc. Would curl or similar do this ?

Even when viewing pages via a browser, there is a requirement to expand all the “See more” posts and “see nn replies”, etc. To export all the expanded view to a PDF would be ideal, or even the HTML, with pictures, etc.

Does anyone know how to do this please ?

As this would be a violation of Facebook’s TOS (Section 3.2.3), It would be potentially unlawful for us to provide assistance to you with this endeavor.

Seek remedy through Facebook’s API instead.


Thanks for your reply. Please advise how one can use the Facebook API.

Have realised that Facebook simply don’t allow this. Personalpage backups, yes, but group backups, no.

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There is no option in Facebook to backup of Facebook groups.You can see in Facebook that there is an option to get backup of Facebook page but not to backup of Groups.