Backlinks & Site Explorer

Do backlinks show in site explorer?

It takes time for your site to be included. It would be nice to know I can start to see these inclusions happen, not just via an email (if sent) from the directory itself.

Thanx in advance…


yes yahoo site explorer shows complete back links of your site. Its good for webmaster


Meant to ask if after submitting to Directories, paid or free. Will they show up in Site explorer.

e.g Dmoz (if you get in) will that pop up?

Try using a tool for checking backlinks. It is usually more reliable than using the search engine itself. We know, for example, that Google does not count all sites using site:

Use opensiteexplorer or backlinkwatch


These are gaurenteed to show Directory links e.g DMOZ e.t.c

What does everyone think of ?

Yahoo Site Explorer and Backlinkwatch are good tool for backlink checking.