Backlinks not showing from 301 redirect


I have a .org domain name with about 10 backlinks (all backlinks go to the homepage of the .org so it matches the .net 301 redirect to the homepage).

I am redirecting using GoDaddy 301 redirect.

The backlinks are not showing up at any back link checkers (including Google Webmaster tools)

Am I supposed to use a .htaccess to redirect instead of GoDaddy?

The 301 redirect has been in place for months and I expect to see some backlinks showing!?


Does the redirect work when you test it?

yes - it works.

I did notice the backlinks showing in Google Webmaster Tools for about 1 week a month or 2 ago. Then they disappeared. I had not made any changes so I thought they would appear again. They have not. And they do not show on any back link checkers.

Are they perhaps now marked nofollow?

Just out of interest, are you seeing any backlinks listed from the .org domain?

More to the point, is there a problem with the new site ranking?

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If the redirect works and gives a 301 header, there should be no problem.

Try “Fetch as Google” on the .org and check the header.

no links show from the .org (to the .net)

The .net is only 3 months old so not ranking well. It has about 30 backlinks itself but there should be 10 from the redirect from the .org too.

When you refer to the “header” what do you mean? The 301 redirect goes to the .net so no content is on the .org domain name. It is a permeant 301 with GoDaddy.

In WMT for the .org, use Fetch as Google.
You should see it’s redirected.

Then click on the url to see what google sees, it will start with a header:-

Did the .org rank well previously, and did you follow Google’s “change of address” guidelines?

I’m not convinced that 10 backlinks are going to make very much difference (unless they were from exceptional sites), but have you checked that the links still exist and still work?

I have checked the links and they still work.

I have check Google Webmaster Tools and typed in index.htm and it says

STATUS: Temporarily unreachable

Is this because there is no webpages loaded to the .org. Or should it say “redirected” whatever page name I enter?

I tried leaving the page name blank and it says “redirected”

Is there a problem or not? Because if you do enter a page name it says Temporarily Unreachable

Did you follow the change of address guidelines?

I see Google says:

Update incoming links

Immediately after the site move is started, try to update as many incoming links as possible. These include:

  • External links: Try to contact the sites in the saved list of sites linking to your current content, asking them to update their links to your new site.
  • Profile links such as from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Ad campaigns to point to the new landing pages.

That suggests to me that they don’t list redirected links as backlinks (which would make sense; they’re not actually links to your current domain).

Not easy to change the links in posts in forums etc.

I would hope a 301 would send some of the link juice (if not all).

If the links you’re worrying about are those types of links, which you’ve placed yourself, then I’d advise you to forget about them. Google places very little weight on those kinds of links (and advises site owners to make user-submitted links as nofollow).

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