Backlinks from add-on domains

I have a 6+ yr old site hosted in the UK, its a co uk and its about to expire its hosting - its currently 301’d to my main site a com hosted in the US. Both are similar content. My main hosting allows 5 add on sites.

Do I?

a. Move the old site to my add-on (same IP or no?) and still 301 to the main site?

b. Move the old site to my add-on, remove the 301, resurrect the old site, add some more relative content and make a backlink to the main site?

c. Keep it in the UK, remove the 301, pay the host bill, and make a backlink to the main site?

d. Keep it in the UK, pay the host bill and keep the 301 in place.

e. Just redirect the old site to the new in the forwarding setup on the domain. Cheapest option.

Please help me understand - I want the best outcome for my main site which is geo targetted (GWT) to the UK.

Thanks, AL

If the site is 301 redirected back to the .com site then how can they have similar content? A 301 redirect would essentially mean that the has no content - at least none viewable to a user or search engine spider. If you’re redirecting the back to the .com to preserve some old backlinks then this makes sense. However if you never had a site on the then this practice doesn’t make any sense.

Then again, you mention that your site is geo-targeted using Google Webmaster Tools to the UK. GWT won’t let you verify a site that doesn’t have at least an index page so you can verify it which leads me to believe that you actually do have content on this site.

Just a bit confused here as to what the purpose of the site is and if it has content or not. If it does have content and you’d like to continue to geo-target the UK you can safely move the hosting to your US server and continue to target the UK with GWT.

Ah, I see I’m not very clear, my bad

My ‘co uk’ is 6+ yr old site that used to have content related to my current ‘com’ address and so about a yr ago I put a 301 in the root only to my new com address - seemed like a good idea at the time. However, I left pictures and internal pages up on the old site - I didn’t know how to do a full 301 I guess plus it was not the same content - similar but not the same.

So to the present day - the co uk is losing its UK host. What do i do? Question here;

Is a new backlink on a 6+ yr old domain worth more than a 301? To be more precise - I can create some pages from the old site that are not duplicates and then put backlinks to certain pages on my com site.

Worth the effort? Or will the fact its on the same IP devalue the backlink so much its worthless? Common trick I spose - if I’ve thought of it then Google also has years before me and worked out what to do in this scenario.

Yes I am working on link baiting and acquiring links, and yes this is background work, and yes I am adding content weekly as bait.




Your links are worth something so if getting the hosting back up and setting up a proper 301 is within grasp, I’d recommend it.