Backlinks for 301 redirected domain


Alexa, Google and other tools are showing back-links of 301 redirected domain.
I redirect using htaccess 301 redirect to
then I create some back-links for
and when I check using and google and seo-spy-glass for, its showing all back-links which I created.

Wherever I know if I use 301 redirect, it means the site is moved permanently, then why its showing back-links for permanently redirected domain.A
Any help will be appreciated.

[dumb question]

Why are you creating links to after redirecting it?

[/dumb question]

[FONT=verdana]In addition to Ralph’s point, keep in mind that it can take quite a while for Google, Alexa and others to update their indexes. You might need to wait some days or even weeks before you see a change.


Maybe because the site is actually hosted on [noparse][/noparse] but you want to promote [noparse][/noparse] as the entry point. If you get links out there with the alias URL then that will help to build that branding up, even if all that is there is a sign saying “Nothing to see here, move right along, step this way…”. Online marketing is about more than just getting Google to do your bidding (despite what some people seem to think!), and the branding is part of that. With judicious link-building and <rel canonical> tags, you can even get Google to index the (sub)site under the alias domain instead of the real URL.

google spider is so intelligent if you make 301 redirection, google also make your back links redirection automatically. dont worry.

let’s make it simple! Being a developer I know how do these backlink analysis tool work ! first of all the backlinks which you create by any way , you are making the use of as the url for linking and thus on those pages where you get the links from, the visible url will be ! The backlink analysis tools simply crawl through these pages and thus they get to see the visible url for regarding link! Hence even if you have made the 301 redirection to, the links will be shown for! Though the linkjuice will be flown to !