Backlinks acting strange


I am having an issue with my backlinks. When I check backlinks for www. it shows different backlinks for when i check http://.

However, I have made sure to do a redirect from www. to http:// and also put the required meta canonical tag.

Will this effect my pagerank for http://


the redirect will redirect the visitors/crawlers from www. to http:// when clicking on a link with www. So the PR juice will all go to http:// so no problem

are you using wordpress? you can actually see it on your dashboard settings. you can actually change it from there

The links linking to you might use it without www. but the redirect of you will change it to www. if they visit your site.

it will not effect your pagerank I assume

What that almost certainly means is that some people are linking to and some to As long as you’ve set up your redirects and canonicals properly, they will resolve to the same address so it won’t have any negative effect on your search ranking.