Backlink quality question

When you are posting backlinks is it the quality of the page you are linking to or is it the quality of the site itself.

I have found that "socialbookmarking " / “post your article” sites have the ability to land on the first page of google for a random trending topic, regardless of what the sites main keywords are.

Many that i have found have launched in early 2010 and once again have amazing placement on google for random trending topics.



i also considering the quality of the site itself as a whole

its quality of web site if website PR is 7 or 8 then sum inner pages would got sum PR like 2,3 or more.

For me, it is the quality of the website itself that you are going to build your link. Of course, you must ensure that the link you will establish will be in a good website that has also good traffics.

Yup, That is the quality of web site. If you get backlink from quality web site then taht help you to improve your PR

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