Backlink limited for PRs

Can anyone tell me approx how much backlinks are required to Get PR to next digit?

I don’t think it’s a matter of simple numbers. AFAIK the quality of the links is important. Hence the oft abused SEO attempts to get links from higher PR pages.

PR isn’t the biggest thing in the eyes of Google as it used to be in the past. You can see many websites on first pages with “O” pagerank. And the pagerank on the google tool bar isn’t what they use to rank you.

Building links for your website is a very good practice, but you need to build them from quality sources and only related to your industry.

my pr is zero. but when I type earning seo my site is top of google 1st page. even though I have not used “earning seo” word in my keyword. Tell me how can I do it for other keywords?

nobody can confirm that…at least you have to figure it yourself… it depends on the competitors site and good backlinking

just do this over and over…
do write more article on the selected niche…
do blog commenting to attained anchor text linking to your page
check your linking using baklink checker site(google search)

PR is not a linear measure of the number of backlinks you have but rather of the quality of those backlinks. You could have a million poor backlinks and still have no PR but have one backlink from a PR 5 site and have a good PR yourself. focus on the quality of your backlinks

It’s good to get some backlinks to a particular article or page, rather than just backlinks to the website’s url.

It totally depends on the quality of the backlink. I have a website which is having only 1 PR7 very strong backlink and this site has got PR6 and obtaining that PR6 since last 8 months. So it’s all about quality.

I think nobody could tell you the nicety number, what should you do is build more high quality and related links.

A small fraction of a link would get you an extra point on your true Page Rank. How many points of true Page Rank equate to the meaningless PR figures that get published depends on the number of PR points held by the page with the highest number as that page is allocated 10 and all the other pages get their PR by converting their true points using a logarithmic scale.

So if the page with the most points were to increase their points by 10% and you only increased your points by 5% then the published number for your page could go down even though your real PR has gone up 5%.

quality is better than quantity.

You shouldn’t worry about PR because Google is trying to take it out of its system. Instead, focus on gaining links and producing good content.

my webiste has more than 1300 backlinks , but PR is only 1
i do not know what is time when PR increased to 2.

It depends on several things.

  1. The PR of the sites where the links to your site can be found.
  2. Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the range of PR that Google mapped to PR1 the last time they published.
  3. The movement in the number of links between all other pages on the web by the time that Google next do the conversion as that will affect what real PR values get mapped to what single digits.

It is quite possible when all factors are taken into account for a page to get lots of extra incoming links and for the single digit PR to go down because of the changes in the number of links on other totally unrelated sites that skey the mapping. That single digit means nothing at all in terms of the volume of links your site has. Even the real PR known only to Google is of very limited value.

With that many backlinks and only a PR 1, I wonder if Google factors in the number of “click throughs” a page gets, i.e. “popularity”.

Last night my website PR was 4 and today when i see the PR comes to Zero (0) … … Why its happen. Can anyone tell me? If today Google didn’t update PR. then why my website went to 0 in one night ?? Some one clarify. Thanks

Clickthrus may be a part of what Google measures for determining their search results but it plays no part in the PR algorithm which has the full formula published on the web showing exactly how they work it out (all but for the base PR value they give to all pages to start with and the formula for converting from the real PR value to the meaningless single digit version they publish).

For example:

thanks all
I really appreciate for your replies

Correct me If I’m wrong but I think the content is far more important

than PR’s? right??

Absolutely right.

There are about 200 factors that are more important than PR. PR is just about the least important of these different factors that Google take into account in determining where pages appear in the search results. If everything else was completely equal between two pages the Google might use PR to determine which order to display them in but for most searches that will not ever happen.