Backling is dcreasing

When I checked the site backlink ( on 1-Apr, it was 185 but now a days 165

Can u suggest me what can I do or check which backlinks are removed ,
i can only see my backlinks in yahoo not in google,

linkdomain: -site: 106 101

I think you need to use htaccess to combine those two.


Google does not show all the links. So if you don’t face any other problems such as pagerank decrease, drop in rankings, reduction of links in yahoo etc, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

I think you can try different tools. You could check it manually by “” or you could download SEOpen add on in mozilla

If you want to know what backlinks are disappearing, you first need to know what backlinks you had, build a list of each backlinks, then when some get removed, figure out what backlinks are no longer on your list. I wouldn’t really worry about this though, just carry on building backlinks. Every websites backlinks go up/down.

You are in an easier situation. For me, I build almost a hundred backlinks and none is shown if I do a check. Almost 3 weeks have past since I finished.