BackgroundAttachment: Fixed; need help to achieve required effect

The issue:

Is there a way to align the background of div#fiddleDaDoo to match background it’s parent? The background of body is regular color, and div#fiddleDaDoo is exact copy of it, except that I colored it red. I’d like background of div#fiddleDaDoo match as if someone took square in original photo and recolored it. Could be done?

This is carbon-copy of my project. I just made that little example to show off the question. I will apply it somewhere else.

It should work with both backgrounds set up exactly the same, except for the url, which currently they are not. Though when I update, it does not seem to work. Not sure if that’s jsfiddle playing up.
I have a working example here, it looks like a filter, but the pullquotes have a matching background image:-
Also note, the code is invalid. “fiddleDaDoo” should be a class, not an ID, because it is used more than once. When you set a colour, you need to state the colour mode:-

background-color: rgba(255,0,0,0.5);

Another way to get this effect is to use css filters, though they do not yet have universal browser support.

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