Background vid not playing

Hello streaming a vid from youtube. but it is not displaying
this is my code

<div id="shareCenter">
<video id="vidBg" class="vidBg" src="" autoplay="true" loop="true" muted="true" style="opacity:.5"></video><img src="/community/uploads/default/original/3X/6/d/6d85464f1fb1e15c13d4ed6f1e3d64e4268ef7ca.jpg" width="690" height="354">
		<?php include('socialShare.php'); ?>
		</div> it should show when the user clicks on the share icon.
But right now just getting a black box behind the icons instead of the video. I see no console errors.
Any advice on what i should be fixing?
thank you

Firefox dev console shows

HTTP “Content-Type” of “text/html” is not supported. Load of media resource failed.

Maybe related, it loads slower than it plays for me.

I think i corrected it now. using the youtube embed tag. speeds seems ok.
however unresolved is the removal of the youtube logo and the muting the sound. And looping it.
Any advice there?

All right so avoided youtube entirely. Uploade the video straight to the site. & using this CSS

	position: absolute;
    	width: 100%!important;
	height: 100%!important;
	  -ms-transform: rotate(90deg); /* IE 9 */
    	-webkit-transform: rotate(90deg); /* Safari */
    	transform: rotate(90deg);

However i don’t understand why i can’t make the video size so it fill the entire parent div.
Tried size 100%, tried cover, tried same size as the parent.

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