Background Position

I saw this statement in

Note: For this to work in Firefox and Opera, the background-attachment property must be set to “fixed”.

Nope. It works fine in FF without the fixed statement. Is that a error on their part?

But I can’t seem to use

background:url('xx.jpg') no-repeat center center

in IE6.

Certainly is a bizarre statement. Maybe it’s old info for some much earlier versions?

I can’t seem to use background:url(‘xx.jpg’) no-repeat center center in IE6.

That’s a bit odd. Are you sure the image file is right? It is relative to the css file. Also make sure to use a semi-colon after the rule if any others follow.

EDIT: ah, looking at that link again, I see it says

Version: CSS1

Yeah, this is old.

The background-attachment:fixed only works in IE6 on the body element.

So something else is up :). Post a link to your test page and what element has the image.