Background-images not displaying

Problem: background-images on my page do not display.
Cause: This happens when I add a PHP-based email script into a div on the page.
Question: How could this be interfering with my background-images?

Thank You,


It depends on what the email script is doing to the page. Could you post a link so we can have a look? Otherwise, take a look at the page with Firebug or similar dev tool and see what’s happening with the CSS.

This is the page:

You have a style sheet called styles-internal that are overriding other page styles. The image links in that style sheet are broken, meaning that they are pointing to the wrong location (or the images are not where they are supposed to be).

Thanks. I took a look at this, but couldn’t find any problems with the image linking. I don’t think this is case anyway, since the problem only exists when the form code is on the page.

SOLVED: It looks like I had duplicates of my style sheets in the root folder. I removed them and i works properly now. thanks for the help.