Background Image Replacement For Video Not Appearing?

Would someone mind checking this page on a mobile device. I tested this on an iPad Mini 2 and got something like this:

The image I’ve uploaded actually has an overlay on it, which doesn’t seem to be showing up. I’ve disabled all caching and cleared my own. I could use another set of eyes.

The overlay is present on my iphone 5s (ios11.2.5) but as mentioned before your text is squashed into one line in the middle. I don’t have an ipad handy to test so maybe someone else can jump in here.

If by overlay you mean the logo and phone number, I’m seeing that with iPad Safari

If you mean an opaque greyish light box type of effect, I see that too.

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Yeah. It’s supposed to be a background image (overlay already adapted to the image).

Thank you, Mittineague.

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