Background image not appearing

Hello All,

i am trying to make a profile page as given on my domain…
Please check it on chrome or IE. It is working fine here. But when i open the same in Safari or Mozilla, nothing is visible,… Please help me to fix it.


Works fine in Safari and Firefox for me.

Works fine for me.

All browsers are shown to have it showing.


see my screenshot, nothing is available.
version safari 5.1.7

Try going to the actual image page and clearing the cache. Then go to your page and clear the cache as well and refresh.

Alt+F5 is default to do this. This is 100% a problem on your end since all of us can see it.

That’s a way out of date version of Safari; and given that most people will have moved beyond it (only 0.6% globally still use it), it’s not something I’d stress over.

Anyhow, that version does support CSS gradients, but only with vendor prefixes (-webkit-), as outline here:

Any way to fix it??

Ralph just gave you a solution.

Ideally you’d just ugprade your browser since that version is something I’d expect your grandmother was using when she first started using the Internet.

If you don’t want ot upgrade, then take your existing background code and copy/paste it again, although make it as such…

-webkit-background …etc etc. It needs that -webkit- extension since that’s the vendor prefix for Safari/Chrome (those run off webkit engine) and that browser only supported RGBA as a vendor prefix since when that browser came out, it was still in beta test mode. So the prefix has it since it’s purely a test.

It won’t validate though. I recommend just ignore it and upgrade your browser.

Ok i will update… i downloaded this version from apple site two weeks ago… Dont know why they are giving old version then.

from where should i update it?

I can understand you…

That shows you the version but that’s a 2012 version

i ollowed your links… they seems to be for MAC user. I am using windows… No such options appearing here

Did some research. Apparently Apple is basically stopping making new versions of Safari. It’s going to focus mroe on OSx and Mac. You should just do the vendor extension fix mentioned earlier in this thread.

Apple is trying to silently let Windows Safari die apparently. It never was a huge browser for Windows anyway.

fixed it with webkit… Old methods are gold…

I’m not sure if this will cause some problems for you too, but you have an extra semi-colon at the end of your second line of CSS code.



O, the Windows version! I assumed you were on a Mac. Safari on Windows is dead and buried. Forget about it. No one should be using that any more—any more than they should be using IE5 etc.