Background image css not showing in some browsers

Here is one of the pages in question:

An image that consists of a stack of photos should show up under the left hand menu (with gray background). It shows up correctly in some browsers but not others: some Chrome versions, some Firefox, newer IE works, but not others, where the top of the image just starts to show at the bottom of the column.

The image does show up correctly in all browsers in the column under “Gas Mileage”. So it is some kind of problem with the coding of the column in the html.

I used the same set up that I did on another site, and that site works fine cross browsers:

Here is the CSS code:

.picstrip {
background-color: #A0A3A3;
background-image: url(assets/picstrip.jpg);
background-repeat: repeat-x;
background-position: left top;

Thoughts? Thank you so much in advance…

There’s no .picstrip element anywhere near the left menu, although there is one in the midst of the content on the right. You might need to explain further, but I also recommend you wean yourself off those tables, as the web has long moved on from this practice.

You are right; I have not taken the time to leave tables behind…

But the picstrip element is there at line 177:
<td width=“198” align=“left” valign=“top” class=“picstrip”> </td>
Can’t figure out why it wants to work in the column under Gas Mileage, but not here.

Even the background color behind the pics doesn’t show…

You have it inside a tr that follows the tr containing the left and right content. So it just needs to be moved.

Bear with me, Ralph. I swear I’m worth it.

Move it where? Are you looking at line 177?

I just removed the other picstrip reference so there is no confusion.

You can delete this thread. I kind of get it. Doing it another way. Thanks again, very much.