Background automatically changes colors during scrolling

Hi, guys,

My website has been up for almost 8 months now and I just noticed that the background would automatically change color and cause the texts to be unreadable. Let me explain. On the following page:

When I scroll to near the bottom of the page till where it says “My Legally-Binding 60 Day Guarantee”, the background will automatically change to black and cause the text from there to be illegible. I also notice that this only happens in FireFox web browser.

Can anybody help?

Thanks so much!


You are using fairly outdated inefficient methods of using markup; hard-coding for applying the background images to the TABLE and child elements. Thus when it gets to that TABLE that doesn’t have the background image defined in markup it obviously don’t display the background image from there onwards.

You’d have fared better if you had set the image backgrounds using CSS and not markup. The nested table structure doesn’t help either. A complete rewrite in CSS would probably be the best solution.