Backend link color changed

Hey all, I’ve been dealing with this for months now and i;m tired of it.
Somewhere along the way (i have no idea how) the link color changed - in the backend of my wordpress install.
I’ve tried changing the user color scheme, ive also tried reinstalling all wordpress core files.
I’ve tried using the inspect element in chrome to determine the cause.
I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it.

any ideas?

Default setting in your browser ?

Please share the URL of your website and let me have a look.

Sorry, Just saw this reply.
the website in question is

screenshot here:

as you can see in this screenshot the links under each item are white (video 2) until hovered (video 1).

and to answer peterorl, no it’s not my browser. I manage multiple websites (all wordpress) and this is the only one having this issue.

Can it be a plugin you have installed?
Deactivate them one at the time and see if it makes any change.