Back Links

i have a question getting back links from the same website again and again is helped… suppose when we submit a article we get a link … and after one month we submit another article to the same website …does it helpful ??

thanks :))

Yes, I’m agree with others ,its really helpful ,but Please regularly submit diff articles to the same site ,otherwise you may lose back links which are coming from that site.

Use different keywords …Certainly it will be helpful for your site.

Yes,Of course it will be helpful to our site.

I was also searching for this question’s answer.So now i think that i have got my answer.


I think this has been covered well:

Use new key phrases in the articles.
Write lots of original material each time.
Consider linking to a new page on your site if relevant.
Most importantly just don’t flood too many links from the same domain in a short time.

Follow all these points and your time will be well spent.

It is good, esp with different anchor text, or better yet - links to other pages on your site.

Google give the value to back-links from a same domain upto 5-6. more than 5-6 back-links from a same domain can get the value in points so always go for the unique backlinks.

ic. I meant submitting the fresh different articles monthly to the same old article sites.