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i have heard that back links are the most important thing to get good PR in google. Can you please guide me the most efficient way to create More backlink in a shortest possible time.

Usual stuff:

Article Submission
Forum signatures
Social media submissions
Blog commenting
Submit to directories

These will get you a high quantity of backlinks, but the quality of some of these is questionable.

Joining a forum and put your signature of your site. Joining more social bookmark and posting your article and share with your friend over there.

Backlinks are the only things that affect PR.

The best links are those that are given by people who link voluntarily to your site. They usually do this because they think your content is good and will benefit their users. Everything depends on how good your content is.

Once you’ve got good content, find ways of getting it in front of eyeballs that will appreciate it.

I think to get quality backlinks, one needs to wait for quite some time.
I think the easiest, free and legit way to get high quality and natural links is to write excellent, useful, information rich content and add it in your site. People finding that content useful will link to your site for free.

You can also get backlinks via doing article submission.

The easiest way is maybe with commenting on do follow blog, you can find a lot at google

Easy, but practically worthless as far as links go.

So, what’s the best way to collect backlink?? Is creating a “dummy blog” better than commenting on do follow blog??

Since you asked…

What you’re about to read are secrets that many of the so-called “SEO Experts” and “Link Building Gurus” don’t want you (or anyone else) to know.

Too bad for them, because it’s about time somebody let the genie out of the bottle.

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I have more links to articles about link building you’ll be interested in reading, but this should be more than enough to get you started (plus a lot of the other links I have are just “rehash” anyway).

Wow that’s really a bunch of things to learn…damn…haha… :smiley:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks a lot Dan :cool:

That is a whole lot of useful info and readings to get started if your really are interested in Link Building. Thanks Dan! This is awesome list.


Thanks for those links Dan, I love the way you post and interact with most of the members.

i’ve started that reading list, it will take a while but much of it is already familiar.

Well, there is a lot to read and learn for a reason. :slight_smile:

Yes backlinks are most important and for back links you should do these steps:

1- Article Submission
2- Blog comment Posting
3- Forum Posting (Link will be use in signature)
4- Directory submission
5- Link Building (One way is preferable)


Yeah to get the more backlinks do the following off-page optimization.Article Marketing,Directories Submission ,press releases and social bookmarking to your site.By these you can get a lot of backlinks and drives more traffic to your site and also increase the pagerank.

Thats a great bunch of articles you have there. Thanks for compiling a useful list, it should help many in these forums, especially me! I am slowly working my way through.

you have my solution Mr. Dan… thanks