Back Link

What is a Back link?

Backlinks are the links which are linked to our website from other domain. It is one of the most important factor for keywords ranking.

Oh, come on. You choose seoexpert844 as your username, then ask the most basic of basic SEO questions (which you could easily have answered for yourself with a quick Internet search) and you want us to take you seriously?

Please read the FAQs/rules, and take particular note of the section on [URL=“”]fluff posting. In case it’s not clear, let me explain that we also consider as “fluff” very basic questions, such as this, which (a) have already been answered here many times and/or (b) could easily be answered with an Internet search.

Please take the time to do a little research of your own before posting, and only ask here if you’re genuinely unable to find an answer.