Back Link Giving Article Directories_Add more

Hi All…

Just wanted to share a small list of Article Directories which will give you a back link …

The back link may be in yahoo/bing/google … May be in all of the three…


Apart from that i do have more 600 directories list…But i want to know from you people…Which else apart from these directories, will give you a back link in any of these search engines…

Kindly put on your experience basis…

I am building a book on all free list to share with you all people…

What is a back-link from any of those sites worth?

  • are any of them relevant to my site?
  • are any of them using keywords that I choose?
  • are any of them on trusted and well-backlinked pages themselves?
  • do any of the pages the back-link exist on ever get any traffic?

I bet the answers are no, no, no and no.

Good luck with your book.

Here i answer your queries,

Yes , back link from these sites are really worth full as the back link will get shown in your bing/yahoo/google SERP.

Yes, If you use keywords in your article and put the anchor test pointing to your site , you will get the benefit.

IF you see the Alexa for these sites and PR as well, you will get to know how useful is the back link for these sites.

Hope i answer all.


Here, I answer your myths…

The back-link will get shown in my bing/yahoo/google SERPs? So you’re saying that the link will show? I don’t think so. Are you saying the page that the page the back-links point to will show? I hope so, but I don’t think a low-value, non-relevant back-link from a low-quality article directory will count for much.

Most hyperlinked article directories and repositories strip the inline links out of the text and only have a domain/author link - these have almost no value.

Alexa? Alexa ranking/value means nothing (unless you are in the top 100-1000 sites and even then it’s questionable). And if you’re talking about PR then I guess you’re talking about tool-bar Page Rank which is not accurate. Even if an article directory site had an actual Page Rank of, say 5, the actual article page is most likely to be unranked or have PR0 and will have other links on the page as well.

And you never even touched on relevancy.

My point is that if you have done EVERYTHING else right, sure go ahead and submit articles - but don’t expect any real benefit from them.

I have seen that most of the article directories providing only nofollow links, and not dofollow. some more article directories even not accepting quality content. I dont think that spending time on article directories are not that much worth.

i preffer to use enzinearticles than other article directories.