Back Buttons and PDF's or JPG Popups

We have a app for a phone book
some of the listings have pdf’s that popup with an ad

this is fine and the pdf’s do popup

a person selects a phone book and searches for a name’
this produces a list, some of the line items have ads, click the ad (which is a PDF) and it loads in a lightbox, this is all fine
but when you click the bottom navigations back button, it does not take you back to the listing, it should just close and leave the listings, but instead it takes the user all the way back to the beginning and they have to do the name search all over again,

is there a way to have the pdf load and have a X to just close the popup and have the listings remain, we can convert to jpg’s if this will produce the x to close the popup and leave the listings

we have been trying to figure this out for a year, we use php and we are loading a mobile version of a website within an app

Maybe i need to rephrase this

how can i show a pdf or jpg in a litebox popup and get the little X at the top right so it closes

There are lightbox scripts that do this freely available on-line.
For example

thanks for the link

we do litebox scripts all day
none of them to date have shown the x on a mobile phone, that seems to disappear
will any of these script work on mobile , specifically an iphone

this is within an app, not a mobile responsive template

im going to try and will let you know if it works

I use the script linked to on a couple of sites and it does show the x icon, though you can actually click/tap anywhere outside of the picture to close the lightbox. I have not tried it on an iphone, but it works on others.

we are trying but so far none of the examples have provided the x to close the popup

Check your file paths. Make sure the path to the “close” (x) image in the script is the same as the location where you put the image. You may have to edit the path in the script.

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