Back Button Issue

I have a site that dynamically loads a “Back” button for a mobile site. The link to view the page is below…


The issue is that the “Back” button disappears when certain situations arise. One example is when a web visitor navigates away from the Home page with the main menu; lets say they click on the “Our Doctors” button; and then for what ever reason they would Refresh their web browser or smart phone. In that scenario, the “Back” button disappears and will not become visible.

Now if you are able to edit the URL in the browsers address bar, you can remove the string of text including the pound sign/hash and the characters after it and then load the page and the “Back” button reappears.

Is there a fix so that the “Back” button will remain visible at ALL times? I appreciate all help and I thank you in advance!


The key to all this is to use JS only as an enhancement. At the moment, with JS off, the site is a blank white screen. :frowning:

Ultimately, this page would be viewed only on a mobile device. And I am not sure if smart phone users have the ability to diable JavaScript… do they?

All users do, but only smart users know how to. :lol: (joke)

Seriously, though, it is quite easy to turn off JS on an iPhone, but whether many people do is another question, so I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Still, I guess this situation is an example of where hard-coding has an advantage.

I guess that was my goal; to find an answer on how to hard-code the back button. Any clues?

Hm, I guess for the menu section you could hard code a link back to the top of the document (i.e. original landing page), such as

<a href=“#top”>Back</a>

and on the doctor pages, hard code a link back to the menu, such as

<a href=“#menu”>Back</a>

but you’d have to put new IDs at the top of the doc and on the menu.

What is wrong with the built-in back button that comes with all web browsers?