Bachelor thesis as a front end developer


I am a front-end developer and I find it extremely difficult to find a bachelor's thesis topics since all the computer vision, machine learning, data mining stuff is done in languages other than JavaScript. I feel like the fact that I am a frontend developer limits me to topics like front-end JavaScript framework comparison, responsive web application design etc. But I just don't feel like these are good research topics.

Is there any advice/topic suggestions you can give me?


Coding Train is just recently doing a full series on the topic of machine learning. I recommend that you check them out.


Is web application front end code(mainly JavaScript) optimization a viable topic for Bachelor's thesis and is there enough stuff to research in this department?


lol, IMHO more than enough. You could spend every waking hour for the rest of your life exploring performance issues.


Is there a specific "category" of web front-end performance issues that could be heavily explored and experimented with? Because to me it seems like there are many small "categories" which means there isn't a "category" vast enough to be explored in a thesis.

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