Azure Cloud vs Data Centre?

I’ve been asked to look in to the options of moving a website away from a data centre and on to Azure hosting. The benefits we have been told are that Azure is because it offers higher quality, great value for money, improved security, resilience and redundancy.

How true is this? Isn’t Azure just another server but this time owned by Microsoft and so if you are with a good hosting company already, it shouldn’t make any difference? They will already pride themselves on security, resilience and redundancy? Is this really a selling point to move to Azure?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of moving from a private server to Azure?


Usually when people refer to using data centers, its medium to large companies who they pay for the hardware and the upkeep of it. If you’re doing that, then the cost savings of moving to a more virtualized cloud solution can save an enormous amount of money in operation. They are just cheaper to run and more expendable.

You also get other benefits, like the ability to grow or shrink your services as the demands change. This can open you up to an entire paradigm shift in how servers are maintained, deployed, and built. Which can increase performance of enterprise grade applications and operations, so that means more logarithmic growth vs costs.

For small sites or businesses it may be different. If you have an operation already set up and running, then that’s something you need to weigh against the cost of migrating. If you’re just starting out, then you need to go virtualized.


The company I work for already has a website and already has hosting and we’ve been quoted to move the site away from a data center to Azure.
It’s a medium sized company but with growth planned over the coming months / year.

It’s the usual thing of, because I do the coding I should also be the infrastructure expert, the telephone expert and anything else I.T related. :slight_smile:

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One thing to consider is the reliability but one thing that is often overlooked is the possibility of unreliability in rare circumstances that are beyond the control of Microsoft and your company. If there is a disaster in your area then you might lose access to the Azure server. The company should consider the consequences of that.

I think you are saying that since you are the programmer you are expected to support the software too. If the company can’t afford to pay for a separate full-time support person for the software then it makes sense to offload that somewhere somehow.

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