Avoid 1 and 1


1st, avoid 1 and 1 Domain name hosting.
They are totally a criminal operation rather than a convenient place to host your domain. As for example they make it:
1- Impossible to cancel your Domains
2- Impossible to Stop the renewal on your domains
3- (Near) Impossible to Transfer your Domain from them

We need to file a class action law suite against them.

With that said, WHO do you recommend as the best, most trust able, providing good customer service, domain hosting service?


Hi WorldNews. Sorry you are having trouble with this company. However, there are lots of other threads in this forum about them, so another one doesn’t really add anything that hasn’t been said before. Hopefully people will get the message.

As to your question about who’s good to use, there are lots of answers to that in the forums as well, so perhaps do a forum search for that. :slight_smile: