Available extensions for php 7.0.1

Are the following extensions available for php 7.0.1?



They’re not in your php.ini file?

Or do you mean not in the ext folder?

I could not install them when compiling php at all, I tried PECL and PEAR too and they either gives error or seems to be installed but not appear in phpinfo.

I’m still not convinced that the logic for the change is sound, but it was decided to change the “commenting out” from the traditional “#” to Apache conf style “;”

So if you’re thinking they’re enabled because the “#” isn’t there, don’t

Try removing the leading semi-colon from the extensions you want enabled, save, restart, and chech the phpinfo() again and most of what you listed should be there.

I am on Linux, and extensions are compile-time, nothing to do with php.ini, and it was always ; for php.ini.

My Host was able to fix them, but it seems “mhash” is not supported by php7?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I was referring to

Version 	Description
7.0.0 	 	Hash marks (#) are no longer recognized as comments. 

AFAIK it still is, but

To use it, download the mhash distribution from » its web site and follow the included installation instructions.

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