Automatically send PDF of Outlook calendar every day?

Hello -

I have a client who’s making an ‘urgent’ request for a customization to Outlook. He wants to have a script on his machine that sends a PDF of his appointments for the day to his other email address and his blackberry. He’s on Outlook 2003. I don’t do this kind of work, but I bet there’s a utility out there somewhere.

Does anyone know of an app that can do this? Or, a recommendation for the easiest way to get one coded?

thanks, Dave

If he has a blackberry, how can’t he use the calendar functionality? Is he a lawyer?

Anyhow, shouldn’t be too tricky to do using a little vbscript (or powershell if you want to get newfangled) or vba macro on the local machine. Obviously requires machine is on, presuming we are running this from his account:

  1. Open outlook
  2. Open calendar view
  3. Run print to a standard postscript printer
  4. Call distiller programatically on said postscript file.

To get to teh codes to do this, easiest way is to record a macro for the first 3 parts. Step 4 is pretty straightforward, just google for “use distiller from vba”.

I’d say you are looking at a dozen lines of code, maybe two if you want it to be pretty with nice error messages.

Ahh I didn’t think of recording a macro. thanks!!!
We use cutepdf to generate pdf’s so he should be able to just have the macro print to that.

On cutePDF–forgot why I had to do it that way, but it was difficult if not impossible to print to the PDF printer programatically. I didn’t try with cutePDF, but ymmv.