Automatically go to other website


I have an website,
I need a code that automaticly leads the visitor to an other website
for example

they go to

and it automaticly sends them to (without clicking anything):

this must be possible, can somebody help me please

Yes, it is possible. You can do it in your web server’s configuration or htaccess file.


In this example, as contrasted to the internal example above, we can simply use the Redirect directive. mod_rewrite was used in that earlier example in order to hide the redirect from the client:

Redirect /foo.html /bar.html

So you could try this:

Redirect /mypage

You can use a status code after the redirect if you want such as this:

Redirect 301 /mypage

The code above is not tested but I think it should work. See the link above and this one for further details: