Automatically font installation

i want to use a font for my web content but i am sure this font wont be in viewers comp. so i want to do “when they load the index page the font will automatically install in their font folder” how can i do it

how the viewers will see that font if they dont know what font is that and dont have that font. i dont need font list i want to know how can my web page auto install the font in viewers computer

…Its not a font list! It aids in helping you embed fonts within web pages.

You can’t install a font on a user’s computer. What you can do is host the font on your server, so that the user’s browser can access it from there. You then refer to the font in your CSS using the @font-face declaration. You need to have the font in various different formats for the different browsers, and the site logic_earth linked to will enable you to convert your font into the correct formats, using their [URL=“”]generator. You need to check the license for your font, to make sure you’re allowed to use it in this way. Alternatively, you can use one of the fonts available on Font Squirrel, which are all licensed for this purpose.

Another source of free fonts for web is the lowly google web fonts.

As others have said, you can store the font on your site and link to it with CSS. FontSquirrel and Google Fonts (linked to above) are great sources of fonts. But if you are happy to pay a little bit, you can also do this by having an account with a service like TypeKit or FontDeck. They have a great range of fonts, and you just put a link in the head of your pages that pulls in the font. At FontDeck, it’s about $5 per year for the use of a font, so not a big expense. At TypeKit, you have a single account and can use as many fonts as you like.