Automated GIF generation

I have to write a documentation for one of my digital product for which I want to make many gifs on how to implement few things.

Traditional Method:
Make a small Videos then use Adobe Photoshop to convert them into an image sequel and then use software like these, for example, to convert the image sequel into a GIF.

Is there any software which can do this task in just one step that means straightforward make a GIF instead of video then sequel then GIF.

I’m sure there are many softwares that can convert video to gifs. For example VirtualDub is an Opensource one which can do it (among many other things).


I’ve used LICEcap to make screen capture gifs directly.

The resulting file size depends on how many frames there are and how much of the visual content changes between frames, but IMHO it works well for simple demonstration.

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Thanks sir, this site is also showing few alternatives →

Was your requirement specifically for screen capture, rather than general video of any source?

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Yes sir, mainly for screen capture.

sir, I recorded GIF with your suggested software, but the videos, if any are very blurred. can this be fixed?

Gif is quite an inefficient format for actual videos in large format and length. It is mainly used for low resolution short clips of video or animation.
The artefacts you see are not so much blurring but a limited palette of colours due to the low bit depth of the image.
For something like this you would be better using an actual video format that can be streamed.


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