Automate PDF uploads from local folder to websites

I hope I put this in the right section…

I have a multitude of PDFs and occasionally CAD or other files that we list on our website for our customers to download as they need them.
Eventually all my sites will pull these files from one location, but as it stands now, I have 3 uploads I have to do for every file.

What I’m wanting to do is automate the process so that a script or software will check my local folder for updates and pull any updated files and upload them to the corresponding folder on the site(s).

Is that possible?
Where do I even start?
This is new territory for me.

Thanks for your comments!

Hello, fellow St Louisan!

Not sure if something like that can be done. Although I am fairly certain that a VB script on your system can detect newly added files to a particular folder, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to integrate that with an FTP for uploading.

I know it can be done because there are software that do similar stuff (even if it is only move them to another folder and, after all, you could say that an FTP is moving to another folder… in a computer in different network)

I also programmed something similar a long, long time ago with Visual Basic for Applications and using Window’s FTP built-in tool.

I do not know if such script exists on the internet but I’m quite sure that text editors like Sublime or Notepad++ which allow the creation of macros and scripts and have integrated FTP tools can do it too. But I would guess there may be a way. And if they can, then any other software with similar characteristics will be able to do it.

The approach I would take would be to get a cloud storage solution (like and just have folks dump things in synch’d folders.

If that is a bit new school for you it can be done. The tricky part is defining what is new and what should be uploaded but it can be as simple as a powershell script that uploads all the files from a given folder. You’ve got access to all of .NET there so there is a FTP client you can access that has some pretty fancy options.