Auto submit form onblur when input field says PASS

I need to know how to make a form auto submit after I tab out of it or lose any focus on it if it says what I want it to say (the word PASS). My initial thought is to use onblur=“submitform();” but how do I make it only do that if it ALSO says the word PASS?

Here is a form with a field in it.

<form id="autopass">
    <p><input name="codeword"></p>

Attach an onblur event to the field:

var form = document.getElementById('autopass'),
    field = form.elements.codeword;

field.onblur = fieldBlurHandler;

The fieldBlurHandler function is where you can check that its value matches. If it matches, then you can submit the form.

function fieldBlurHandler() {
    if (this.value === 'PASS') {